Brain Training Puzzles Made by a Japanese Puzzle Creator

Brain Teasers From Japan
Brain Teasers From Japan

About Puzzle Creator Kitamura

Kitamura is a female puzzle creator operating in Chiba prefecture of Japan. Achievements in Japan Published puzzle books and provided puzzles for a variety of fields such as TV programs, company campaigns, Pocket Monster calendars, Doraemon puzzle books, magazines, in-flight magazines, quarterly journals, and events for cities, districts, etc..

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Brain Training Puzzles

Rule of Numbers [20] Opened-up Cubes type1 [12] Opened-up Cubes type2 [8] Rule of the Circle (circular puzzle) [10] Rotated Figure Puzzle [7] Puzzle: Making 4 Numbers Equal 10 [40] Patterns/Pictures [10] Matrix Pattern Puzzle [8] Find the Same Pictures [10] One stroke drawing [14]


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