Brain Training Puzzles Made by a Japanese Puzzle Creator

Brain Teasers From Japan
Brain Teasers From Japan

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This puzzle web site shows the puzzles made by Japan’s professional puzzle creator, Kitamura.
Fun puzzles that stimulate and rejuvenate your brain can offer you more than just the joy of solving.
See the benefit of continuing to challenge the puzzles daily. You will surely find your brain become much more brilliant, as if you have been rejuvenated.

In the midst of Japan’s growing to become a super-aging society, dementia countermeasures are gaining recognition (It was reported in 2013 that there are 4.62 million dementia patients). Brain training puzzles are effective for dementia prevention.

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Brain Training Puzzles

Rule of Numbers [20] Opened-up Cubes type1 [12] Opened-up Cubes type2 [8] Rule of the Circle (circular puzzle) [10] Rotated Figure Puzzle [7] Puzzle: Making 4 Numbers Equal 10 [40] Patterns/Pictures [10] Matrix Pattern Puzzle [8] Find the Same Pictures [10] One stroke drawing [14]


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